AKITA NETWORK - The Akita Network is a simple site giving you as much information as possible in one location.  This site was created to provide education about the AKITA.
ORTHOPEDIC FOUNDATION FOR ANIMALS - OFA, hip, elbow, patella, thyroid, etc registry. To collate and disseminate information concerning orthopedic and genetic diseases of animals.
CANINE EYE REGISTRATION FOUNDATION - Maintains a registry of purebred dogs that ACVO Diplomates examine and have found to be unaffected by major heritable eye disease.
AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB, INC. - AKC, American registry for dogs.  Maintain a registry for purebred dogs and preserve its integrity.
AKITA CLUB OF AMERICA, INC. - ACA, is the National Club which represents, protects, and furthers the interests of the Akita dog breed and its owners throughout the United States.
INFODOG - Our dedication to the sport, as well as our active support of Breeders, Parent Clubs, the AKC, and the AKC Canine Health Foundation in educating the general public about the need for continued canine health research, the promotion of quality and ethical breeding of purebred dogs, and the unethical operations of puppy mills.
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Carol Laubscher, Pennsylvania
CELEBRITE AKITAS Kelly Burleson, Texas
MAJIKSUN AKITAS Alicia Meyer, Oregon
SONDAISA AKITAS Colleen Sullivan, Oregon
CROWN ROYAL AKITAS Ingrid Linerud, Washington
GRANDSLAM AKITAS John Penatello, New York
SKYLINE AKITAS Chrissy Delgado, Illinois
BEARDUSK AKITAS Ed Wilson, Newfoundland
MAJER AKITAS Madelyn Goss, Washington
SOVEREIGN AKITAS Carol Friedman, Arkansas



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