Carol Laubscher
Regalia Akitas

This website could not be possible were it not for Carol Laubscher of Regalia Akita’s who profoundly effected my entry into the Akita show world. 

As I began this journey, I placed calls all over the country seeking assistance from the experts.  Due to my inexperience, my requests fell upon deaf ears.  That was until I spoke to Carol Laubscher.

Carol is a classy, selfless woman with a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in the Akita world. Her talents in breeding Akita's are second to none.  She always fielded my calls and never held back on sharing her vast knowledge of this breed.

In January 2008, she called to inform me that she had a male to show me.  I couldn’t get to her home fast enough!  The five-hour trip seemed like an eternity; and upon arrival I could hardly believe the beautiful male she was offering me.

Carol was gracious enough to provide me with my foundation dog, Diesel, who quickly attained his championship.  I wish to thank Carol for her time and effort; and for imparting valuable knowledge on me.  I will forever be grateful.

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